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Standard & Poor's Upgrades LUS Fiber's Bond Rating to A+

LUS Fiber makes it easy to share Festival International with the world!

Gigabit Internet and WiFi Land at Lafayette Regional Airport

LUS Fiber puts Lafayette on Top for Fastest Internet in the World

LUS Fiber Launches New Video Product

LUS Fiber Announces first official LUS Fiber Neighborhood

LUS Fiber Announces Partnership with SEC Channel

LUS Fiber Adds Children’s French-language Channel



Standard & Poor’s Upgrades LUS Fiber’s Bond Rating to A+

LAFAYETTE, La. – (April 22, 2015) LUS Fiber announced an upgrade by Standard & Poor’s in the Communications System’s revenue bond rating to “A+” from “A” with a stable outlook. The stable outlook reflects S&P’s expectation that LUS Fiber’s strong financial profile is sustainable. The increase results in a one-notch ratings differential.

 S&P’s ratings are expressed opinions about credit risk of the organization’s ability to meet its financial obligations on time and in full. According to a statement released by Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, the upgrade reflects S&P’s view of the utilities system’s sustained strong fixed charge coverage and liquidity levels, and the communication system’s improved cash flow.

 “In only its sixth year in operation, LUS Fiber is stronger than ever,” said City-Parish President Joey Durel. “The confidence of the people of Lafayette is being rewarded, because we are obviously headed in the right direction!”

 “This is great news,” stated Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber. “The upgrade from Standard & Poor’s reflects their confidence in LUS Fiber’s financial and operational performance.”

 The strong Communications System performance also led to Standard & Poor’s upgrading the LUS combined utility revenue bonds for its electric, water and wastewater system to “AA-” from “A+”.



 LUS Fiber makes it easy to share Festival International with the world!


WiFi Hotspots expanded to three Parcs in Downtown Lafayette this year


 LAFAYETTE, La. (April 22, 2015) – Festival International held every year in downtown Lafayette, is known for celebrating music, culture, and artistic talent from around the world. It’s a festival worth attending, and LUS Fiber has made it even better!


 Sharing your experiences with others in real-time – through photos, videos, tweets, or status updates – has become an enjoyed part of one’s social life. Unfortunately, with the many visitors that join us every spring in downtown Lafayette – with smartphones, tablets and multiple wireless devices in tow, cellular services may be strained, making it difficult to share your festival experience with family and friends. 


Recognizing the need for Internet access, LUS Fiber has teamed with Festival International once again this year to create additional WiFi hotspots in downtown Lafayette. In addition to Parc Putnam, this year festival attendees will also be able to connect to WiFi throughout the festivities at Parc International and Parc Sans Souci, courtesy of LUS Fiber.


 “Partnering with one of Lafayette’s signature festivals to provide a service that will improve the overall experience and allow attendees to share that event with the world, makes this a perfect fit for Lafayette’s only community-owned, fiber-optic network,” stated Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel. 


 “We couldn’t think of a better way to support our community and at the same time enhance the overall festival experience for Lafayette and visitors from around the world than by offering complimentary, high-speed WiFi access,” said Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber. “Lache Pas La Patate!”





Gigabit Internet and WiFi Land at Lafayette Regional Airport

Ultra high-speed broadband wireless Internet is now available as an added service

 LAFAYETTE, La. – (April 17, 2015) Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) officials announced today a new partnership with LUS Fiber to provide the airport with WiFi, powered by high-speed Gigabit Internet. Lafayette is the only airport on the entire Gulf coast providing this amount of bandwidth to travelers – and one of only a handful in the world. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to highlight the new service.

 “We know that businesses choose to come to Lafayette for a variety of reasons and many have cited our 100% fiber-optic network as one of those reasons,” said City-Parish President Joey Durel. “As a gateway to Lafayette, we want visitors to experience the ultra high speeds of a Gigabit Internet connection, from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.”

LUS Fiber, a true community-centric telecommunications provider for Lafayette, has stepped up to offer Gigabit Internet and WiFi service for airport travelers, helping to create an exceptional experience and an overall positive first impression of Lafayette.

“Today’s travelers expect to stay connected when they are away from the office or home. With complimentary WiFi, guests can check important email, post to social media and browse the Internet,” said Steven Picou, Executive Director of Lafayette Regional Airport. “We recognize that to deliver complimentary Internet access contributes towards a positive customer impression of the airport, as well as Lafayette.”

LUS Fiber has installed several input paths at the airport, using a 100% fiber-optics network to supply the high-speed broadband Internet, complete WiFi coverage and ample bandwidth for the airport terminal.

“Lafayette is growing and home to more tech-savvy business travelers than ever,” stated Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber. “Offering airport guests a 1,000 mbps Internet connection and WiFi will ensure that they will be able to connect to their wireless-enabled devices while traveling, and enjoy the speeds they want while not compromising the integrity of the system.”

Lafayette Regional Airport’s official network name is “LFT-WiFi.” Upon selecting the network, users will see a connectivity landing page where they must first accept the terms of the service. Users will then be able to connect with a host of wireless devices as a complimentary service at LFT.





LUS Fiber puts Lafayette on Top for Fastest Internet in the World


LAFAYETTE, La. – (December 15, 2014) LUS Fiber has once again put Lafayette in the spotlight – this time on a global level.  Lafayette was recently named as having the fastest home Internet in the world, according to Open Technology Institute’s report, “2014 Speed Leaders for Home Broadband.”  LUS Fiber’s Gig connection, with equal upload and download speeds, puts the Hub City on par with world cities like Seoul, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

 “This is great news for Lafayette,” said Joey Durel, Lafayette City-Parish President. “As we continue to gain national and global recognition for our technological advancements due to our fiber optic network, we are setting the stage for Lafayette to create more and more new, high paying jobs. It’s great for the people of our community to see what we have accomplished and how we are topping lists with cities around the globe. This is a success for all of Lafayette.”

 Lafayette is tied for first place for fastest Internet with only six other cities from around the world and only three cities in North America – Chattanooga, TN, Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO.

 “LUS Fiber’s Gigabit home service sets our system amongst the most robust in the country – and now the world!” said Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber. “This is another feather in Lafayette’s cap brought about because the citizens of our city voted to create this system.”

 While many communities nationwide are left to purchase Internet service from telephone or cable providers that rely heavily on existing copper infrastructure, LUS Fiber uses fiber-to-the-premise technology which transmits data using light pulses through glass tubing or optical fiber. Fiber that runs from the equipment all the way to a customer’s home or premise and allows symmetrical speeds of 1 Gigabit per second (Gbps), making it far superior and faster.

 For more information on Open Technology Institute’s report, click here

 For more information on LUS Fiber Internet services, click here.



LUS Fiber Launches New Video Product

LAFAYETTE, La. – (December 3, 2014)  LUS Fiber is proud to announce their newest Video product: Fiber 365: All About Lafayette – a new venture dedicated to providing exciting and entertaining videos about Lafayette, its culture and traditions, and special events that make our city such a unique place to live.

  LUS Fiber's in-house video production project will raise awareness of Lafayette’s way of life and current events while hoping to provide a long-lasting impact to viewers. The launch of Fiber 365: All About Lafayette includes unique local programming, such as exclusive one-on-one interviews with LUS Fiber Director Terry Huval and Judge Kaliste Saloom, Jr.

 The first Judge Kaliste Saloom, Jr. interview features stories of past presidents and prominent faculty of Southwestern Louisiana Institute, currently known as the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  Judge Saloom offers precious first-hand insight into the University's history and the names behind some of the most well-known buildings on campus.

 The videos are featured on LUS Fiber’s Video On Demand system and will be available at no cost to all Digital Access and Digital Plus video customers. To access the videos, customers can click on the “On Demand” button on their remote controls, then scroll over to the Fiber 365: All About Lafayette category.

 To learn more information, visit www.lusfiber.com/Fiber365.



LUS Fiber Announces first official LUS Fiber Neighborhood


(November 12, 2014- Lafayette, LA) LUS Fiber and Southern Lifestyle Developments have teamed up to announce Cottages on the Green as the first official LUS Fiber Neighborhood – a neighborhood where the developer has chosen to install LUS Fiber as part of the construction of the new development.

 Cottages on the Green, a traditional residential community in the heart of Lafayette is completely pre-wired with LUS Fiber's 100% high-speed fiber optics. As the first LUS Fiber Neighborhood, residents can enjoy a traditional neighborhood with access to symmetrical gigabit Internet, high quality HD video, and crystal clear phone technology of the future.

 “Robert Daigle continues to support the Lafayette community and we’re glad to have teamed up in this important venture. With his vision and progressive leadership in developing so many distinguished developments in Lafayette, this will be a very successful partnership for LUS Fiber and Southern Lifestyle Development,” said Terry Huval, Director of LUS Fiber.

 LUS Fiber and developers are coming together to create neighborhoods that offer every homeowner with next-generation technology that meets today’s digital lifestyle. LUS Fiber Neighborhoods are constructed with fiber conduit and cables already in place. This differs from fiber installation in existing neighborhoods where trench work or area lines need to be installed. By using this approach, the surface quality of the new homeowner’s property is maintained, with the added benefit of accelerated installation time. Internet, video and phone services are then more quickly made available to these homeowners for a move-in ready experience.

 “Southern Lifestyle Development is proud to partner with LUS Fiber in Cottages on the Green and other upcoming developments,” Robert Daigle of Southern Lifestyle Development said. “Having this state-of-the-art technology live in our communities before the first home is occupied will provide our homebuilders and their customers with valuable options unavailable in many other developments.”

 Bringing fiber optics to the residents and businesses of Lafayette continues to provide benefits across the board.  High tech companies have cited fiber as one of the reasons they moved to Lafayette, thus creating new jobs. In addition, recent studies have shown that residential properties with fiber access contribute to increased home values.

 “Our 21st century technology for Lafayette residents continues to spark job growth and to create educational opportunities here at home,” said Joey Durel, Lafayette City-Parish President. “Demand for beautiful homes in residential communities such as Cottages on the Green increased because new high-tech companies are relocating to Lafayette for our fiber technology, creating new job growth within our city.” 




LUS Fiber Announces Partnership with SEC Channel

(August 5, 2014- Lafayette, Louisiana) LUS Fiber has reached an agreement with ESPN to carry the SEC Network set to launch on August 14, 2014.

"Lafayette is home to the best college sports fans in the country," said Terry Huval, Director, LUS Fiber. "We are proud to offer our customers quality television content from one of the most popular and competitive college conferences in the country. Within the first four weeks of the 2014 college football season fans will be able to watch a game featuring every single football team in the SEC.

I would like to personally thank the individuals who took the time to let us know how important it was that we carry this channel. We take customer feedback seriously and appreciate the opportunity to better serve the City of Lafayette."

The SEC Network and its accompanying digital offering will air more than 1,000 live events in its first year, including at least 45 exclusive SEC football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games, 75 baseball games, 50 softball games and events across all of the SEC’s 21 sports. The network will be an all-access pass to nationally competitive events, news and information, expert analysis, classic games and in-depth features on the most storied conference in college athletics.





LUS Fiber Adds Children’s French-language Channel

(August 6, 2014- Lafayette, Louisiana) LUS Fiber has teamed with TiVi5MONDE Kids to launch America’s first French-language channel devoted solely to children’s programming in Lafayette.

“It’s important to encourage youth to embrace our French heritage,” explained Terry Huval, Director, LUS Fiber. “This is why LUS Fiber sought out to be one of the first cable companies to host this channel.”

TiVi5MONDE Kids is America’s first and only 24/7 French language children’s network. LUS Fiber customers will be able to enjoy cartoons, educational series and scripted series for children and tweens.

The programming is not only for French Immersion students, but teachers and parents as well! This channel will act as an exciting tool to compliment traditional foreign language education covering the basic linguistic skills — reading, writing, speaking and listening.

Along with the family-friendly programming, TiVi5MONDE Kids offers lesson plans to teachers for free. Included within the agreement struck by LUS Fiber, TiVi5MONDE Kids will train local teachers how to incorporate the network and free online tools into their classroom education plans.

“LUS Fiber is proud to be part of this city. Offering TiVi5MONDE Kids is an example of our investment in Lafayette’s future,” said Huval.





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