Residential Business


Business Digital Telephone

LUS Fiber Business Telephone services is the best call for your business. You’ll get the features you need to conduct business at affordable rates. Plus your service is delivered with the clarity and reliability that only a 100% fiber optic network can provide.

Business Line

You can keep your existing phones and numbers, and our service is compatible with T-1 and PBX systems.

Business Line Calling Features

Includes Unlimited Local Calling, Anonymous Call Rejection, Automatic Callback, Automatic Recall, AC on Busy/AR on Busy, Busy Call Forwarding, Call Blocking, Call Hold, Call Transfer, Call Waiting With Caller ID, Calling Name Delivery/Blocking, Calling Number Delivery/Blocking, Customer Originated Trace, Delayed Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb/ Selective Call Acceptance, Rollover Group/Hunt Group, Selective Call Forwarding, Selective Call Rejection, Speed Calling, Three-Way Calling, Telephone User Interface commands, Immediate Forwarding, Voicemail, ExecCONNECT, Service Settings/Preferences, Visual Voicemail lnbox, Network-Based Contacts Database, Personal Contacts Import/Export, Click-to-Dial, Call Lists – Missed/Dialed/Rejected, Voicemail to-Email, VM Greeting Management and Slim Ring.

Business Line Enhanced Calling Features

Includes all Business Line Calling Features plus Incoming Call Manager, Sequential Ring, Priority Call (Distinctive Ringing), Time of Day/Day of Week Routing, Individual Contact Management, Call Screening and Remote Office.

Long Distance Calling

You'll save with highly competitive domestic and international long distance rates, including available unlimited long distance.

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